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Группа авторов Color Atlas of Local and - limbobo.ru

Группа авторов Audits of State and Local Governments

Группа авторов Clinical Atlas of Canine and Feline Dermatology

Группа авторов Atlas of Digenea developmental stages. The morphological characteristics and spread within the populations of freshwater snails from the Brodnickie Lakeland, Poland

Группа авторов Atlas of Mammalian Chromosomes

Группа авторов Color Atlas of Farm Animal Dermatology

A practical full-color reference on the recognition and diagnosis of dermatological disease in farm animals Color Atlas of Farm Animal Dermatology, Second Edition is an essential reference for veterinary dermatologists, practitioners, and students alike. Emphasizing recognition and diagnosis, the book combines hundreds of color photographs with clear and concise text highlighting clinical features, differentials, and diagnostic information for each disease. Coverage includes both common and uncommon diseases of cattle, goats, sheep, llamas and alpacas, and pigs. This new edition has been fully updated throughout, and now includes information on llamas and alpacas. Diseases covered include bacterial, fungal, parasitic, viral and protozoal, immunological, congenital and hereditary, environmental, nutritional and miscellaneous diseases, as well as neoplastic and non-neoplastic growths. Offers a practical quick reference to aid in the diagnosis of dermatological conditions in farm animals, including cattle, goats, sheep, pigs, alpacas, and llamas Contains more than 700 full-color images Covers all dermatological disease types, organized by species-specific sections Thoroughly updated and now including coverage of camelids Color Atlas of Farm Animal Dermatology, Second Edition is a must-have book for veterinary dermatologists, practitioners, and students who work on farm animals.

13759.21 RUR

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Robert Ord Textbook and Color Atlas of Salivary Gland Pathology

Textbook and Color Atlas of Salivary Gland Pathology: Diagnosis and Management provides its readers with a new, landmark text/atlas of this important discipline within oral and maxillofacial surgery, otolaryngology/head and neck surgery, and general surgery. Written by well-established clinicians, educators, and researchers in oral and maxillofacial surgery, this book brings together information on the etiology, diagnosis and treatment of all types of salivary gland pathology. Clear and comprehensive, the Textbook and Color Atlas of Salivary Gland Pathology offers complete explanation of all points, supported by a wealth of clinical and surgical illustrations to allow the reader to gain insight into every facet of each pathology and its diagnosis and treatment.

19263.2 RUR

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George Laskaris Pocket Atlas of Oral Diseases

The complete pictorial guide to oral diseases, a pocket-sized bestseller now in its third edition Laskaris' Pocket Atlas of Oral Diseases is a practical interdisciplinary pocket reference for dentists, dermatologists, otolaryngologists, primary care practitioners, and dental and medical students. This popular book provides comprehensive guidance on the diagnosis and treatment of an exhaustive range of oral diseases. The fully revised and updated third edition includes over 40 new conditions. Highlights include: Full coverage of both local and systemic oral diseasesConsistently structured texts describe each condition, covering definition, etiology, clinical features, lab tests, differential diagnosis, and treatment418 high-resolution color photographs, most are new for this edition The Pocket Atlas of Oral Diseases is a superb and convenient pocket reference of invaluable practical use to any clinician involved in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the oral cavity.

4587.24 RUR

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Группа авторов Regional and Local Studies, special issue 2010

Группа авторов UNESCO Global Geoparks

Recently, UNESCO has gradually started to recognize world geoparks ? territorial spaces with a geological heritage of international importance. This classification presents real challenges. Development strategies must align with the recommendations advocated by various non-governmental organizations. It is also necessary to involve the local actors, both in the preparation of application forms and in the implementation of a management plan that is suitable for sustainable global development. Managing the tensions and asymmetries that exist between the different groups of actors (politicians, managers, scientists, representatives of local populations) constitutes another major issue. It is in this context and through various case studies that this book questions the aims of the UNESCO global geoparks ? in terms of heritage inventory and conservation, the participation of local populations, the local development of a territory and its enhancement through heritage interpretation.

15314.81 RUR

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Группа авторов Digital Color Imaging

This collective work identifies the latest developments in the field of the automatic processing and analysis of digital color images. For researchers and students, it represents a critical state of the art on the scientific issues raised by the various steps constituting the chain of color image processing. It covers a wide range of topics related to computational color imaging, including color filtering and segmentation, color texture characterization, color invariant for object recognition, color and motion analysis, as well as color image and video indexing and retrieval. Contents 1. Color Representation and Processing in Polar Color Spaces, Jesús Angulo, Sébastien Lefèvre and Olivier Lezoray. 2. Adaptive Median Color Filtering, Frédérique Robert-Inacio and Eric Dinet. 3. Anisotropic Diffusion PDEs for Regularization of Multichannel Images: Formalisms and Applications, David Tschumperlé. 4. Linear Prediction in Spaces with Separate Achromatic and Chromatic Information,Olivier Alata, Imtnan Qazi, Jean-Christophe Burie and Christine Fernandez-Maloigne. 5. Region Segmentation, Alain Clément, Laurent Busin, Olivier Lezoray and Ludovic Macaire. 6. Color Texture Attributes, Nicolas Vandenbroucke, Olivier Alata, Christèle Lecomte, Alice Porebski and Imtnan Qazi. 7. Photometric Color Invariants for Object Recognition, Damien Muselet. 8. Color Key Point Detectors and Local Color Descriptors, Damien Muselet and Xiaohu Song. 9. Motion Estimation in Color Image Sequences, Bertrand Augereau and Jenny Benois-Pineau.

15314.81 RUR

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Группа авторов: free download. Ebooks library. On-line ...

ZAlerts allow you to be notified by email about the availability of new books according to your search query. A search query can be a title of the book, a name of the author, ISBN or anything else.

Группа авторов — Википедия

Группа Авторов — российская рок-группа из Москвы, образованная Евгением Згодовым, Дмитрием Цветковым и Андреем Никитиным в 1997 году.

Группа авторов mississippi noir - купить дешево ...

Группа авторов New York City Noir. 1910.9 RUR. Поиск похожего товара. Жми! Группа авторов D.C. Noir 2. 534.5 RUR. Поиск похожего товара. Жми! Группа авторов Boston Noir. 1222.7 RUR. Поиск похожего товара. Жми! Группа авторов San Francisco Noir 2. 534.5 RUR. Поиск ...

Группа авторов geoarchaeology of israel - купить дешево ...

группа авторов geoarchaeology of israel купить в Москве . Группа авторов Geoarchaeology of Israel. 11470.01 RUR. Поиск похожего товара. Жми! Группа авторов Iran, Israel, and the Jews. 3823.34 RUR. Поиск похожего товара. Жми! Группа авторов The Multicultural Challenge in Israel. 5276.2 ...

Скачать книги автора Группа авторов. Fb2Gratis.com

Купить, скачать, читать онлайн книги автора Педагогика. Fb2Gratis.com

Группа авторов perioperative pain management - купить ...

Группа авторов Pain Management in Veterinary Practice. 8386.51 RUR. Поиск похожего товара. Жми! Группа авторов Surgical Management of Pain. 16186.22 RUR. Поиск похожего товара. Жми! Группа авторов Pain Management for Veterinary Technicians and Nurses . 6818.83 RUR. Поиск похожего товара ...

Группа авторов legal canons - купить дешево biletaviatur ...

Группа авторов „Silesian Journal of Legal Studies”. Contents Vol. 1. 314.21 RUR. Поиск похожего товара. Жми! Группа авторов „Silesian Journal of Legal Studies”. Vol. 6. 460.85 RUR. Поиск похожего товара. Жми! ...

Экономическая теория: конспект лекций Группа авторов

Этапы развития экономической теории (Группа авторов) Перейдите на сайт, чтобы читать книгу целиком. ... поскольку выступает с позиции определенной социальной группы, следовательно, общество не должно быть ...

Группа Авторов - Метрополитен

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Клиническая психология Группа авторов

Клиническая психология. 8. Методы патопсихологического исследования (Группа авторов ...

Логистика. 7. Понятие логистических систем (Группа авторов)

Логистика. 7. Понятие логистических систем (Группа авторов) Перейдите на сайт, чтобы читать книгу целиком.

Группа авторов planning and analysis of observational ...

группа авторов planning and analysis of observational studies купить по лучшей цене An essential, up-to-date guide to the design of studies and selection of the correct QoL instruments for observational studies and clinical trials. Quality of Life (QoL) outcomes or Person/Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs) are now frequently being used in randomised ...

Публичная Электронная Библиотека » Группа авторов ...

Автор: Группа авторов: Формат документа: txt: Размер: 508 Кб: Читать книгу Скачать книгу Читать Комментарии (0) * Для того чтобы добавить комментарий к книге Вам необходимо зарегистрироваться и войти в библиотеку под Вашим

Группа авторов prayers of the reformers - купить tut.davay ...

группа авторов prayers of the reformers купить по лучшей цене In this 500th anniversary year of the Reformation, this volume collects the writing of well-known reformers Martin Luther, John Calvin, John Knox, Thomas Cranmer, Lancelot Andrewes, as well as lesser-known leaders of their time. Rather than look at the theological arguments and apologetics of these ...

Группа авторов nanotechnology - купить tut.davay-posmotrim.ru

группа авторов nanotechnology купить по лучшей цене A practical workbook that bridges the gap between theory and practice in the nanotechnology field Because nanosized particles possess unique properties, nanotechnology is rapidly becoming a major interest in engineering and science. Nanotechnology: Basic Calculations for Engineers and Scientists-a logical follow ...

Конституционное право зарубежных стран Группа авторов

Конституционное право зарубежных стран. 5. Конституционный контроль (надзор) в зарубежных странах, его виды (Группа авторов) Перейдите на сайт, чтобы читать книгу целиком.

Экологическое право Группа авторов, 2010

Экологическое право. Экологическое право как отрасль права, наука и учебная дисциплина. Система экологического права (Группа авторов, 2010) Перейдите на сайт, чтобы читать книгу целиком.

Группа авторов the beauty of god’s house - купить дешево ...

Группа авторов Full Summary Of Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House - By Michael Wolff Written By Sapiens Editorial. 273.16 RUR. Поиск похожего товара. Жми! Группа авторов The Psalms of Solomon with the Greek Fragments of the Book of Enoch. 539.23 RUR . Поиск похожего товара. Жми! Группа авторов ...

Аудиокниги Группа авторов скачать онлайн

Печально известная авария на Чернобыльской АЭС, произошедшая в 1986, и последовавшее формирование вокруг города Припять зоны отчуждения дало мощный толчок в развитии фантастики, связанной с воздействием радиации.

Группа авторов читать онлайн, скачать книги бесплатно в ...

Группа авторов - читать онлайн и скачать бесплатно книги в fb2,txt,epub для android, iphone, на телефон

Группа авторов - Мир философии. Книга первая (Аудиокнига ...

Игры Он-лайн. Видео, клипы, ролики. Интересное

Data Lakes. Группа авторов. Скачать на телефон. Librs

Data Lakes. Группа авторов. Программы. . Читать онлайн с телефона. Librs.net

Machine Learning and Big Data. Группа авторов. Скачать на ...

Machine Learning and Big Data. Группа авторов. Программы. . Читать онлайн с телефона. Librs.net

Группа авторов. Периодическая система элементов Д. И ...

Группа авторов. Вашему вниманию предлагается плакат «Периодическая система элементов Д.И.Менделеева». Подробнее . С книгой «Периодическая система элементов Д. И. Менделеева» часто ищут: Группа авторов. Лента букв. Пл

Группа авторов Лицом к лицу с Америкой | Электронная ...

Группа авторов Лицом к лицу с Америкой. Рассказ о поездке Н. С. Хрущева в США 15–27 сентября 1959 года. Читатели найдут в этой книге многие неизвестные им высказывания Н. С. Хрущева, сделанные во ...

Аудиокниги Группа авторов скачать онлайн

Группа авторов - Не прислоняться В основу книги лег ЖЖ машиниста столичного метрополитена – Метроэльфа. Ни один человек не поведает про столичный метрополитен больше и откровеннее, чем тот, который водит поезда.

Клуб любителей ансамбля Группа АВТОРОВ. | ВКонтакте

Ансамбль Группа АВТОРОВ - музыкальный коллектив успешно функционировавший на стыке ...

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Скачать книги Группа авторов в формате fb2 бесплатно и без регистрации • Сортировка по количеству скачиваний ⇣

Группа авторов - S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Зов Припяти - скачать ...

Группа авторов. Читает . Цымбалов Вадим. Сталкер. 15ч. 50м. 03с. Печально известная авария на Чернобыльской АЭС, произошедшая в 1986, и последовавшее формирование вокруг города Припять зоны отчуждения дало мощный толчок в ...

Аудиокниги Группа авторов слушать онлайн

Группа авторов - s.t.a.l.k.e.r. Чистое небо Весь цикл книг \"Сталкер\" базируется на одноимённой серии игр, что, в свою очередь, объединяют в себе разом несколько популярных миров.

Role of Edge Analytics in Sustainable Smart City ...

Role of Edge Analytics in Sustainable Smart City Development. Группа авторов. Программы. . Читать онлайн с телефона. Librs.net


ГРУППА АВТОРОВ В Москве в районе метро "Академическая" в 1997 г. три молодых человека: Дмитрий Цветков (бас-гитара), Андрей "Эндер" Никитин (лидер-гитара) и Евгений Згодов (вокал, стихи, музыка) собрались и организовали ...

1001 sms-анекдотов (скачать fb2) — Группа авторов

Скачать книгу Группа авторов «1001 sms-анекдотов» в формате fb2 бесплатно и без регистрации, а также другие книги Группа авторов в формате fb2

TORUS 1 - Toward an Open Resource Using Services. Группа ...

TORUS 1 - Toward an Open Resource Using Services. Группа авторов. Программы. . Читать онлайн с телефона. Librs.net

авторов Группа » Библиотека книг "EKNIGA.org" - все книги ...

Электронная библиотека "Ekniga.org" » авторов Группа. 500 золотых анекдотов про ментов [Анекдоты] авторов Группа. 0. 500 замечательных анекдотов для моих [Анекдоты] авторов Группа. 0. 500 неприличных анекдотов [Анекдоты] авторов ...

Группа читателей и авторов журнала KIMONO

Группа читателей и авторов журнала KIMONO hat 1.340 Mitglieder. Обсуждаем статьи и другие материалы номеров журнала KiMONO. Тут вы можете познакомиться с редакцией и задать любой вопрос автору статьи.

Поэтическая группа №6 "Путь в неведомое" — Школа авторов

Руководитель: Владимир Хохлев Описание группы Как стать участником группы? Инструкция: Как опубликовать домашнюю работу в группе Домашние работы находятся здесь. Папки со всеми домашними работами находятся здесь.

Группа авторов izolacje 1 2014 - купить tut.davay-posmotrim.ru

Группа авторов Izolacje 11-12/2014 179.6 RUR Найти похожее. Группа авторов Izolacje 2/2014 179.6 RUR Найти похожее. Группа авторов Izolacje 6/2014 179.6 RUR Найти похожее. Группа авторов Izolacje 1/2019 179.6 RUR Найти похожее ...

Группа авторов. Скачать книги. Hotlib. HOTLIB.NET

Группа авторов bezpieczeŃstwo wewnĘtrzne. wybrane zagadnienia. przeglĄd dorobku naukowego studentÓw. Подробнее . Группа авторов Семь дней ТВ-программа №39/2020. Подробнее. Группа авторов Мой ГУЛАГ. Личная история. Книжная серия видеопроекта Музея истории ...

Группа авторов. Common Prayer – скачать в fb2, epub, pdf ...

Группа авторов. Why worship? In this superb new collection of essays, lay people, clergy, poets, theologians, musicians, novelists, and scholars offer personal, profound, and provocative reflections on their experience of worship in The Episcopal Church. Through their flesh-and-blood stories of longing, loss, and love, we encounter the God who meets us in common prayer ...

1000 лучших sms-тостов и поздравлений (скачать fb2 ...

Скачать книгу Группа авторов «1000 лучших sms-тостов и поздравлений» в формате fb2 бесплатно и без регистрации, а также другие книги Группа авторов в формате fb2

Группа авторов - S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Тени Чернобыля - скачать ...

Группа авторов. Читает . Группа чтецов. Сталкер. 08ч. 55м. 59с. Печально известная авария на Чернобыльской АЭС, произошедшая в 1986, и последовавшее формирование вокруг города Припять зоны отчуждения дало мощный толчок в ...

Группа авторов. Лиссабон. Путеводитель – скачать в fb2 ...

Группа авторов «Лиссабон. Путеводитель», скачать в форматах fb2, epub, pdf, txt или читать онлайн. Комментировать бесплатно полную версию на сайте «Твоя библиотека»

Автор: Группа авторов - Knigamir.COM

Knigamir.com - Russian books low prices in USA, Canada. A large selection of Russian classic and rare books, Ukrainian books, Russian literature, video, audio.

Группа авторов Color Atlas of Local and Systemic Manifestations of Cardiovascular Disease

This brief guide to visual diagnosis helps the novice develop – and the veteran refresh – crucial skills that can spare the patient unnecessary testing and bring the physician one step closer to an accurate diagnosis. Dr Saksena draws on his years of experience in teaching and training to show you the physical signs of cardiovascular disease that can be spotted by visual examination. For each sign, a color photograph is paired with explanatory text that: describes the significant features of the sign explains its use in diagnosis identifies the likeliest causes The book provides corroboration of physical signs and other diagnostic information whenever possible and offers extensive references for further study. After an opening chapter on general observations, the author describes signs that can be found in the face, ear, mouth and nose, neck, hand, upper extremity, thorax and back, abdomen, and lower extremity. An appendix covers rarer syndromes associated with cardiovascular disease. Whether you are just developing your diagnostic skills or want to be better able to identify signs of cardiovascular disease, you can count on this atlas for dependable advice.

9813.74 RUR

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Группа авторов Wide Awake Hand Surgery

In short order, I went from skeptic to convert.... The nearly 160 videos, narrated by Dr Lalonde, are a treat....Dr Lalonde's argument for using WALANT anesthesia in hand surgery is compelling. Furthermore, I am convinced that this method represents a paradigm shift in the administration of anesthesia for our patients. – Journal of Hand Surgery Wide awake hand surgery (WALANT) represents a breakthrough in surgery of the hand and upper extremity. It can be performed with no preoperative testing, no intravenous insertion, and no monitoring. Like a dental procedure, the patient simply gets up and goes home after the procedure. Presented in an easy-to-read, bullet-point format, Wide Awake Hand Surgery guides surgeons through all aspects of WALANT. The book covers a wide variety of topics including minimal pain injection of local anesthesia, nerve and tendon decompression, wrist surgery, repair of lacerated tendons, tendon transfers, finger fractures, lacerated nerves, metacarpal fractures, arthritis surgery and complex reconstructions in hand surgery. The book includes more than 150 step-by-step surgical and instructional videos as well as numerous color clinical photographs. Color drawings clearly guide the surgeon to the correct anatomic locations for anesthetic injections, and the book includes an atlas of tumescent local anesthesia distribution anatomy. Featuring a complimentary eBook, this valuable resource offers chapters written by worldwide experts, making it the definitive guide to wide awake hand surgery.

7645.91 RUR

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Группа авторов When Mandates Work

Starting in the 1990s, San Francisco launched a series of bold but relatively unknown public policy experiments to improve wages and benefits for thousands of local workers. Since then, scholars have documented the effects of those policies on compensation, productivity, job creation, and health coverage. Opponents predicted a range of negative impacts, but the evidence tells a decidedly different tale. This book brings together that evidence for the first time, reviews it as a whole, and considers its lessons for local, state, and federal policymakers.

2672.51 RUR

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Группа авторов Collapse and Rebirth of Cultural Heritage

Cultural heritage and illicit trafficking in the Middle East are two key topics of our time. The book sheds light on both aspects, and identifies the need to democratize cultural heritage, by giving greater control to local communities. It also investigates the link between local hotbeds of conflict and violence in countries such as Syria and Iraq, as well as war economics, transnational criminal networks and the politics of deliberate destruction and theft of cultural heritage. Finally, the chapters analyze the impact of non-violent and violent non-state actors, fragile states, forced migration, environmental degradation, as well as how local and international institutions have reacted to the dramatic events which the region and its inhabitants have experienced in recent years

3284.24 RUR

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Группа авторов Atlas podologiczny

Группа авторов Home and Away

Home and Away provides new vantage points in contextual theology. An initial stream looks at the significance of postcodes as a way of mapping local areas as situations for pastoral ministry and theological reflection. A second, but not ancillary, stream of essays considers the local within a range of glocal and global dynamics. The essays do not unfold a single trajectory of thought about context, and at various points they indirectly question and challenge each other. The pieces meld into an international and ecumenical conversation about contemporary Christian ministry. It includes voices from North America, Europe, and Austral/Asia. Although open ended, and constantly crisscrossing questions from one context to another, the collection is emphatic in its common conviction that attention to very local circumstance is crucial for Christian ministry, just as are wider views of a locality's position in broader flows.

1605.8 RUR

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Группа авторов Color Atlas of Brainstem Surgery

The highly complex specialty of brainstem surgery requires many years of study, a focus on precision, and a passionate dedication to excellence to prepare the neurosurgeon for navigating significant anatomic challenges. Although the brainstem is technically surgically accessible, its highly eloquent structure demands rigorous surgical decision-making. An in-depth understanding of brainstem and thalamic anatomy and the safe entry zones used to access critical areas of the brainstem is essential to traversing the brainstem safely and successfully. This remarkable, one-of-a-kind atlas draws on the senior author's decades of experience performing more than 1,000 surgeries on the brainstem, thalamus, basal ganglia, and surrounding areas. Its content is organized by anatomic region, enabling readers to study separate subdivisions of the brainstem, each of which has its own unique anatomic and surgical considerations. From cover to cover, the atlas provides readers with technical guidance on approach selection, the timing of surgery, and optimization of outcomes-elucidated by more than 1700 remarkable color illustrations, dissections, clinical images, and line drawings. Key Highlights Beautifully detailed, highly sophisticated brain slices and dissections by Kaan Yagmurlu, who trained under the internationally renowned neuroanatomist and neurosurgeon Albert Rhoton Jr.Color illustrations clearly labeled with callouts and other indicators of foci of interest delineate multiple safe entry zones to the brainstemMore than 50 detailed patient cases highlight each patient's history of previous neurological disorders, presenting symptoms, preoperative imaging, diagnosis, the planned surgical approach, patient positioning, intraoperative and postoperative imaging, and outcomeSeven animations and more than 50 surgical videos elucidate approach selection, anatomy, and surgical outcomes of thalamic region and brainstem lesionsThis illuminating atlas provides insights into the complexities of the hallowed halls of the brainstem. Neurosurgeons and neurosurgical residents alike who glean knowledge from the clinical pearls throughout each section will no doubt become more adept surgeons, to the ultimate benefit of their patients.

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Peter Horby Atlas of Human Infectious Diseases

The Atlas of Human Infectious Diseases provides a much needed practical and visual overview of the current distribution and determinants of major infectious diseases of humans. The comprehensive full-color maps show at a glance the areas with reported infections and outbreaks, and are accompanied by a concise summary of key information on the infectious agent and its clinical and epidemiological characteristics. Since infectious diseases are dynamic, the maps are presented in the context of a changing world, and how these changes are influencing the geographical distribution on human infections. This unique atlas: Contains more than 145 high quality full-color maps covering all major human infectious diseases Provides key information on the illustrated infectious diseases Has been compiled and reviewed by an editorial board of infectious disease experts from around the world The result is a concise atlas with a consistent format throughout, where material essential for understanding the global spatial distribution of infectious diseases has been thoughtfully assembled by international experts. Atlas of Human Infectious Diseases is an essential tool for infectious disease specialists, medical microbiologists, virologists, travel medicine specialists, and public health professionals. The Atlas of Human Infectious Diseases is accompanied by a FREE enhanced Wiley Desktop Edition – an interactive digital version of the book with downloadable images and text, highlighting and note-taking facilities, book-marking, cross-referencing, in-text searching, and linking to references and glossary terms.

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Elias Campo Color Atlas of Clinical Hematology. Molecular and Cellular Basis of Disease

Provides coverage of the pathogenesis, clinical, morphologic, molecular and investigational aspects of a full range of blood disorders seen in daily practice The revised fifth edition of this renowned atlas presents readers with a comprehensive, visual guide to clinical hematology, featuring 2700 full-color photographs and figures depicting the spectrum of hematological diseases. Ranging from photographs of the clinical manifestations and key microscopic findings to diagrams of the molecular aspects of these diseases, the book provides up-to-date information of the blood diseases that clinicians encounter every day. Color Atlas of Clinical Hematology: Molecular and Cellular Basis of Disease offers the reader an understanding of normal cell machinery, and of the molecular basis for such processes as DNA and cell replication, RNA species, trafficking and splicing, protein synthesis, transcription factors, growth factor signal transduction, epigenetics, cell differentiation, autophagy, and apoptosis. The text goes on to explore how these processes are disturbed in the various diseases of the bone marrow, blood, and lymphoid systems. Helps solve difficult diagnostic challenges and covers complex principles using highly illustrative, full-color images Explores all aspects of benign and malignant hematology, including blood transfusion and coagulation with extensive coverage of the pathogenesis of common clinical entities Provides a quick and easy reference of key diagnostic issues in a comprehensive yet concise format Includes and illustrates the WHO Classification of Hematologic Malignancies Illustrates the new knowledge of the molecular basis of inherited and acquired blood diseases Color Atlas of Clinical Hematology: Molecular and Cellular Basis of Disease is the must-have resource for both trainee and practising hematologists, and for every department of hematology.

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Martin Schaller Color Atlas of Dermatology

A beautifully illustrated and comprehensive pocket atlas of clinical dermatologyColor Atlas of Dermatology is an illustrated guide to the spectrum of dermatological pathologies. This easy-to-use book provides a wealth of practical knowledge essential both in daily practice and when planning treatment.The atlas organizes the main areas of clinical dermatology in a user-friendly formatpresenting short, precise descriptions on the left and illustrative images on the right. This text brings you the most practical and comprehensive information. It begins with the basic principles of dermatological practice, followed by a thorough study of each disease accompanied by techniques for diagnoses and treatment. Treatment procedures include surgery, pharmacotherapy, and the application of physical medicine methods. The instructive color plates are an invaluable aid in visualizing even the most complex relationships.Features: Hundreds of detailed images of actual cases, including graphic illustrations of diagnostic and therapeutic pathways Valuable treatment notes of all common dermatological conditions in day-to-day practice All of the current scientific knowledge of dermatology combined with the classic Thieme Flexibook layout with a double-page spreadThe Color Atlas of Dermatology is a handy clinical reference for dermatologists and general practitioners, as well as an excellent review tool for medical students preparing for oral exams.

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